Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha emerged as a talented designer from the renowned Central Saint Martins M.A. program, where she was mentored by the late, highly influential Louise Wilson. Right from her much-praised debut collection, the Dublin-born designer's vision appeared remarkably refined. Her designs embody a captivating blend of femininity, effortlessly balancing between a playful coquettishness and a subtle melancholy, creating an eerie yet enchanting romantic allure.

Rocha's creations are a mesmerising fusion of elements, from opulent tributes to Elizabeth I to ethereal petal-pink dresses adorned with bondage-inspired macramé harnesses. Her head-to-toe red wallpaper florals evoke an otherworldly charm reminiscent of Diana Vreeland's "garden from hell." It's no wonder that her distinct and unparalleled style has garnered immediate admiration from industry insiders and enthusiasts alike.